Construction law

fall semester 2018/19
sh 1,5
Brenneis, Alexander

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Basics of constitutional law relating to construction and planning; jurisdiction specific to provinces and communities; authorities and stages of appeal; spatial development plans relevant for planning; systematic representation of construction site categories and the specific possibilities for their use; practice-oriented guidelines for the realisation of projects and integration of them in spatial development plans; authorisation procedures of building authorities; introduction and processing; consideration of neighbours’ rights; type and scope of authorisations; procedures of final acceptance; rights and obligations of an in respect to adjacent land owners in the context of authorisation procedures; basics of procedural law in authorisation procedures of building authorities; principles of procedural law.

Following successful completion of the course students will be familiar with the systematics of building and planning law. They will be familiar with procedures and stages of appeal relevant to construction authorisation and projects.

Prerequisites according to curriculum at TUGonline:

243 Architecture (UG2002/11U, Bachelor programme, current)