AVA – Call for tenders, contract placement, billing

Lecture – Practical
summer semester 2018
sh 2
Georg Allmer

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Principles of costing – Call for tenders schedule – Tender – Price comparison – Contract placement – Acceptance of tender – Execution – Billing – Form, type and contents of tender documents – Placement procedure and types of placement (Ö-Norm A 2050, Bundesvergabegesetz 2006, as amended) – Drawing up schedules of service (Ö-Norm A 2063, specifications) – Specifications as an integral part of the construction contract (legal principles, preliminary remarks, standards) – Cost control and order management – Billing construction services.


The aim of the AVA seminar is to familiarise students with technical and legal principles for drawing up costing documents and specifications and requesting and awarding services.
The seminar also discusses the construction contract and billing of construction services.

Prerequisites according to curriculum: