Construction 4 Practical

summer semester 2018
sh 5
Ziga Kresevic I Armin Stocker I
Steffen Schößler I Hannes Freißmuth I Nicole Lam I Erika Petric

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Course details K4UE


Handling of a complex architectural-constructive design task, which will be elaborated through to implementation and detailed planning, following the individual practice-related planning phases.


Following successful completion of the course students will have acquired an understanding of the complex inter-relationships between design and construction. They will be capable of conceiving an architectural project from the idea through to implementation. Furthermore, they will be able to explain complex technical-constructive concepts to expert planners in bearing structure, building engineering and construction physics and of finding specific solutions working together in close collaboration with other specialists.


Prerequisites according to curriculum at TUGonline:
243 Architektur (UG2002/11U, Bachelor programme, current)