Design 4

summer semester 2018
sh 6
Roger Riewe I Marisol Vidal I Sorana Radulescu

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Based on the contents of the courses Design 1, Design 2 and Design 3 students will be required to work on a more complex task. The complexity is reflected in the task as well as in the elaboration and representation of the design.


In correspondence to the course objectives formulated in Design 3 and after the completion of the course under the guidance of the given procedures students will be able to gradually transform complex tasks into creative design. Students will have the ability to interpret and value complex aspects of architecture as well as to bring about their architectural decisions and to communicate them within society. Students will be taught to regard design as a translation process in architecture as a responsible cultural achievement.


Prerequisites according to curriculum at TUGonline:
243 Architektur (UG2002/11U, Bachelor programme, current)