Design 2

summer semester 2018
sh 4
Roger Riewe I Aleksandra Pavicevic
Stingl-Enge, Alexandra Martina

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Course details E2


Students will be taught the basics of architectural design through work of a clear set task. These are in particular: the handling of programmes relating to function and space, dialogue with the constructional and scenic context, in which the task is arranged, the substantiation and construction appropriate to the concept of the design.

Analytical thinking, the drawing of conclusions and argumentation will be taught in dependence on the design and presentation task. It is essential here that students should develop their own concept of space, be able to give reasons for the position they take up and to be able to represent it using suitable means. The intention is to provide an impetus for both independent and team thinking and action.


Following successful completion of the course students will be able to deal with programmes relating to function and space, to position a simple construction task in its context, to materialise and to be able construct a project of this kind starting from the concept. Students will acquire the basic vocabulary to argue for and present their work.


Prerequisites according to curriculum: