Construction 4 Lecture

summer semester 2018
sh 2
Roger Riewe | Claudia Volberg

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Detailed involvement with construction methods in the context of design. In correspondence to the course objectives formulated, the contents are structured from the large to small-scale, ensuring that each detailed information component is represented within the fabric of the whole.
The inter-relationships between various construction-related contents will present building construction as a complex, technical, functional aesthetic structure in the context of architectural reality. Elaborated in reference to the exploring of prototype solutions.


Following successful completion of the course, students will be capable of analysing architectural designs corresponding with the construction requirements and of developing state-of-the-art concrete solutions for construction tasks.
Students will have deepened and completed their knowledge by achieving systematically structure basic knowledge in building construction on the basis of the knowledge acquired in Construction 1, Construction 2 and Construction 3. They will be capable of understanding and assessing requirements for building construction in the fields of bearing structure, construction physics and building engineering.


Prerequisites according to curriculum at TUGonline:
243 Architektur (UG2002/11U, Bachelor programme, current)