Workshop 3

fall semester 2016/17
sh 2
Martin Brischnik

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Design-related aspects from different architectural fields will be explored and practised in a limited period of time the context of the workshops.
Different methods for dealing with design tasks are taught in the three workshops and tested in practise-related tasks.

Following successful completion of the course students will be able to assess a situation, develop concepts and formulate them ready for presentation in a design within a given timeframe. They will be familiar with how to deal with a task in the course of a single week and will be capable of verbally communicating and presenting their works and designs in models, plans and complementary illustrations.

Prerequisites according to curriculum at TUGonline:

243 Architecture (UG2002/11U, Bachelor programme, current)

Das Grazer Vinidorf in St. Leonhard bietet seit nunmehr 24 Jahren bis zu 33 alkoholkranken, ehemals obdachlosen Männern Unterkunft. Derzeit leben die Bewohner dort in 17 Baucontainern, welche gerade das Minimum an Raum und Funktion anbieten.
Im Rahmen des Workshops werden unter Einbezug interdisziplinärer Fachleute die vielschichtigen Probleme und Bedürfnisse der Bewohner hinterfragt um neue Lösungen für die Unterkünfte sowie das Areal zu erarbeiten.