Spatial Structure

summer semester 2018
Sh 2
Sorana-Cornelia Radulescu

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We define space by arranging individual geometric elements (line, surface, rod, disk, etc.) in a perceivable structural frame. The silhouette of an object, for example, may – but need not – be a readable shape.
Architecture is equally founded on structures that cannot be restricted to room layouts, supporting structures, principles of access, etc, but that rather rest upon the ability to articulate architecture and on our perception.

This term the seminar examines vertical building structures in addition to the masterstudio project. Case Studies will be analysed graphically according to their principles in thematising their vertical layout and short scientific essays regarding highrise as building typology will be written.


The aim of the course is to interpret and reflect on spatial structures and to apply them in one’s own work, taking into account their interrelations with the context, the artistic concept, materials and building construction.


Compulsory course for Studio 149.777