Materialisation 3 Project viewing

fall semester 2017/18
sh 2
Markus Stangl

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The decision to use a certain material in architecture is greatly dependent on the respective properties of the material and their advantages (and disadvantages) in view of their planned use. Here, the interaction between material and technology is a central issue. Based on examples to be analysed, awareness will be raised as to what may influence material choice and which technologies are used in the process. The aim is to seek alternatives both in terms of the material and applied technologies.

After successfully completing this course, students should be keenly aware of the fact that material choice is a matter of careful consideration and should neither be made spontaneously nor left to the preference of the designer. This decision is highly dependent on the development of the state of technology. Students will be capable of analysing and justifying a material choice from different viewpoints.
Compulsory course for STUDIO 149.777