Courses for the Bachelor I fall semester 2018/19

BsKVO – Building Materials Science Lecture I Bachelor – 1. Semester
The types and characteristics of the materials employed in architecture and construction and the applications suited to their various properties. Criteria for the assessment of materials their application properties.
K3VO – Construction 3 Lecture I Bacherlor – 5. Semester
Handling of a simple architectural-constructive design task, which will be elaborated through to implementation and detailed planning following individual practice-related planning phases.
K3UE – Construction 3 Practical I Bachelor – 5. Semester
Detailed involvement with construction methods in the context of design. In correspondence to the course objectives formulated, the contents are structured from the large to small-scale, ensuring that each detailed information component is represented within the fabric of the whole. The inter-relationships between various construction-related contents will present building construction as a complex, technical, functional aesthetic structure in the context of architectural reality. Elaborated in reference to the exploring of prototype solutions.
E1UE – Design 1 Practical I Bachelor – 3. Semester
Students will be taught the basics of architectural design through work of a clear set task. These are in particular: the handling of programmes relating to function and space, dialogue with the constructional and scenic context, in which the task is arranged, the substantiation and construction appropriate to the concept of the design.Analytical thinking, the drawing of conclusions and argumentation will be taught in dependence on the design and presentation task. It is essential here that students should develop their own concept of space, be able to give reasons for the position they take up and to be able to represent it using suitable means. The intention is to provide an impetus for both independent and team thinking and action.
E3UE – Design 3 Practical I Bachelor – 5. Semester

Based on the contents of the courses Design 1 and Design 2 students will be taught the developing and creating of programmes relating to function and space for a specific place/a specific task. The design will be developed deductively and inductively as a process-related path detecting and taking into account the essential parameters that define design in the task. The creative expressive abilities of the students are in demand here and will be further promoted and trained.

W3SE – Workshop 3 Seminar I Bachelor – 5. Semester
Design-related aspects from different architectural fields will be explored and practised in a limited period of time the context of the workshops. Different methods for dealing with design tasks are taught in the three workshops and tested in practise-related tasks.
BauRVO – Construction law Lecture I Bachelor – 5. Semester
Basics of constitutional law relating to construction and planning; jurisdiction specific to provinces and communities; authorities and stages of appeal; spatial development plans relevant for planning; systematic representation of construction site categories and the specific possibilities for their use; practice-oriented guidelines for the realisation of projects and integration of them in spatial development plans; authorisation procedures of building authorities; introduction and processing; consideration of neighbours’ rights; type and scope of authorisations; procedures of final acceptance; rights and obligations of an in respect to adjacent land owners in the context of authorisation procedures; basics of procedural law in authorisation procedures of building authorities; principles of procedural law.